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This guide is a central location for information regarding PudMed. The guide will be used to create a landing page for general information and link to outside resources to assist with PubMed. The genesis of this project is the upcoming change from the Leg

Using the Advanced Search Builder

To use the Search Builder...

  1. Go to the Advanced search page.
  2. Enter your searches.
  3. Click on the ellipses under Actions to view options to add searches to the Query box.

Example screenshot




Pubmed features a process called Automatic Term Mapping (ATM) that will interpret and attempt to optimize the searches entered in the Pubmed search box. This process occurs whether or not you are in the Advanced Search mode. However, the way to see what ATM has added to your search is via the Advanced Search interface.

Instructions to view the ATM search.

1.) Scroll down from the Advanced Search to view your previous searches.ATM example screenshot

2.) In the History and Search Details box, click the carrot icon located in the Details column. In the example screenshot below, it's easy to see that Pubmed ATM has enhanced my search by mapping my term "heart attack" to the MeSH term "myocardial infarction." However, sometimes it will misinterpret what is meant by a given search term. For example, if nursing is listed ATM will assume the profession nursing is meant and not breastfeeding. It is a good idea to examine what mapping ATM has added to your search, especially if you are getting unexpected results. 

ATM example screenshot

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