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This guide is a central location for information regarding PudMed. The guide will be used to create a landing page for general information and link to outside resources to assist with PubMed. The genesis of this project is the upcoming change from the Leg

Saving Searches, Creating Alerts & Collections

Saving Searches, Creating Alerts

Saving searches and creating alerts are easy to do in PubMed. This ability to save comes in handy when you identify a search string that you would like to save and run again in the future and/or to receive updates via email as new articles are published that fall under your specified search parameters.

The steps below illustrate the process when the user is already signed in to a My NCBI account. If the user is not yet signed in, they will be directed to the login or create an account screen prior to step three. 

User signed in to NCBI account: 

  1. Execute a search.
  2. Click "create alert" directly below the search bar on the results page.
Example screenshot

3. The user is directed to the Saved Searches page where the options for saving searches and setting up email alerts on a set time schedule are controlled. 

Example screenshot

View this interactive tutorial for further detail:

Save Searches and Set Alerts


Creating and Managing Collections

Collections are selected and saved citations that you can manage, add to and share with others. Unlike My Bibliography, these collections should contain works by authors other than yourself. There is no limit to the number of collections you can create in My NCBI. 

User signed in to NCBI account: 

  1. Execute a search.
  2. Select records from the search.

To view and manage your existing collections:

  1. Click My NCBI in the upper-right-hand corner to view your dashboard. 
  2. Your Collections box should be listed on the right side of the screen, below My Bibliography. 
  3. From here you have the option to make any collection public, rename or delete any collection.

  1. ‚ÄčOnce you select "Add to Collections" a collections menu will appear on the same page.
  2. In the Collections menu, you can select either to add the items to an existing collection OR create a new collection.


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