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Online Data Management Resources
Fairsharing is a website that provides very comprehensive and well curated information about metadata standards, data portals, and funder/publisher data management policies that are likely to be of interest to researchers.

Recent Research Data Management News and Developments
As of December 2023, the new NASA Open Science 101 curriculum is now available. This community developed curriculum introduces important concepts and skills through five different modules: Ethos of Open Science, Open Tools and Resources, Open Data, Open Code, and Open Results. Going through these five modules will provide researchers with skills they can use to streamline their workflows and improve their data management practices. Doing so will also allow them to earn a NASA Open Science digital badge. The curriculum is designed to be self-paced, but there will also be instructor-led training sessions that researchers can enroll in beginning in early 2024.
The National Science Foundation is seeking input on its Public Access Plan 2.0. You can submit feedback by completing this survey. The comment period closes on January 2, 2024. See the Request for Information to learn more about providing feedback.
On August 25th 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) announced that all federal agencies will be required to implement new data access policies by the end of 2025 to make taxpayer-funded research immediately available to the American public free of charge.
This article provides a nice breakdown of ten ways to draft an NIH data management and sharing plan that is compliant with the Institute's new data management policies which are set to take effect in January 2023.
This post on the PLOS (Public Library of Science) blog does a nice job highlighting 5 key actions researchers can take to make their work reproducible and support open science.

Data Management and Sharing Reports and Studies
The Association of Research Libraries' Realities of Academic Data Sharing (RADS) Initiative resulted in the publication of the Public Access Data Management and Sharing Activities for Academic Administration and Researchers report in November 2022 which provides interesting insight foundational research data management life cycle activities at several major research institutions.

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