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This guide was created in March 2020, prior to the implementation of PAPPG-20 for NSF grants. PAPPG-20 stands for Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide, and requires the use of a tool called SciENcv for the biosketch portion of grants.

Creating a biosketch

1.) Access SciENcv

There are several methods to access the SciENcv interface and create a biosketch. However you decide, it is necessary to have a My NCBI account. All portals into SciENcv will route through the My NCBI interface. 

Link to My NCBI login:

There are various methods to sign in to My NCBI. Under "See more third party options," there is an ORCID iD login and a University of Texas login. The University of Texas login will not require you to maintain any further passwords but will log in using your eid and password.


**As of June 1, 2021, all accounts created with My NCBI will need to have a connected login from another portal like the UT Austin login, ORCiD login or a Google Account login. Follow steps to check if your account will need to be updated at this website. This change is occurring to increase personal internet security.**


2.) Locate the SciENcv panel

Once you are signed in on the My NCBI page. Select "My NCBI" in the upper-righthand corner to access your dashboard. The SciENcv tool lives in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard. 

If you have created other Biographical Sketches within the system you should see those listed. If not, you'll see a link to create a biosketch. Clicking the Manage SciENcv icon will also allow you to create a new biosketch.

3.) Options to create a biosketch

Biosketch name

Name your biosketch. To optimize the biosketch utility and prepare for future use, my advice is to create all biosketches with unique and meaningful names and include a date in the naming convention.


Each agency/grant type has inserted a standardized layout for the information they require in the biosketch. 

Choose data source

There are three methods you can use to start a biosketch:

a) Start with a blank biosketch

b) Import information from another tool

c) Use a previously built biosketch to start

Each of these options allows you to modify, update and add information after the import. 


You can make a biosketch public or private. If you'd like to share your biosketch with others via a link, select public and a permalink will be provided. This option can be changed at any point in time.


4.) Export your Biographical Sketch

Once you have created your SciENcv biographical sketch and have all the requirements for the grant proposal met, you can export the SciENcv Biosketch as a PDF and save it to your computer. The PDF can then be uploaded to whatever grant submission website you are using with your materials, like or fastlane.

The download options are located in the upper left of the individual biosketch page. 

Example Screenshot

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