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This guide was created in March 2020, prior to the implementation of PAPPG-20 for NSF grants. PAPPG-20 stands for Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide, and requires the use of a tool called SciENcv for the biosketch portion of grants.

My Bibliography

1.) Saving items to My Bibliography

In My NCBI database, like PubMed, you can add items that you've authored to a My Bibliography list. To do this, simply search for and select the items you'd like to add and click "Send to" and select "My Bibliography" from the dropdown menu.

Example Screenshot 

2.) Selecting those items in SciENcv

Once you have citations in your My Bibliography page, creating a SciENcv is made simple because, under section C. Products, there is a tab for My Bibliography. This tab will display all items currently in your My Bibliography. The system also allows citations to be manually listed, however, this is best done ahead of time as it will require going back to your "My Bibliography" page to insert citations that were not found in My NCBI databases.

Example Screenshot

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