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Technology Resources

Teaching with Technology

Integrating technology into your instruction can increase engagement and enhance communication, assessment, and active learning. When considering the use of a new technology, determine whether and how it aligns with your learning outcomes and supports your class plan. Remember it is always a good idea to test your technology before the class begins.

Check out the tools below and read more about teaching with technology on the Teaching & Learning at the UT Libraries blog

Google Docs

  • Versatile and user-friendly, can be used for recording notes, brainstorming, group activities
  • Google Forms work well for polling, surveys, and assessment


  • Works well for source evaluation activities; keyword brainstorming; facilitating group discussions
  • Create a free account here
  • FAQs 

Guide on the Side

  • Can use to create exercises, assignments, and tutorials
  • Works well for allowing users to follow along in real time
  • Available tutorials


  • Create custom guides for courses or instructional sessions
  • Resources


Contact Amber Welch for assistance and ideas on incorporating technology into your instructional practice.

Teaching in the Learning Labs

The Learning Labs are designed to allow for the flexible integration of technology into instructional sessions.

Contact Sarah Dupont with questions or for assistance with using the Learning Labs.

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