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Teaching Tips and Resources for Librarians

Collaborating with Faculty

Tips and Strategies

  • Review the syllabus and research assignment, and encourage instruction session(s) to be scheduled at the point of need.
  • Discuss goals, learning outcomes, and expectations for the class. This can be a process of negotiation and an opportunity for you to demonstrate your professional expertise.
  • Share your class plan with the faculty prior to the session.
  • Clarify logistics: how many students? will students have their own laptops? what time is the class usually released? does the professor need time at the start or end of class to make any announcements? do any students need accommodations to participate fully?

Information Literacy Toolkit

The Information Literacy Toolkit is an excellent resource to share with faculty and use in enhancing and guiding collaboration. It contains assignments, tutorials, and assessment tools for incorporating information literacy skills into any course.

The Assignment Design Rubric for Research Assignments can help faculty identify and reflect on how their assignments are supporting student learning of effective research methods. This is a great tool for generating discussion and collaboration

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