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Teaching Tips and Resources for Librarians

Designing your Lesson

Lesson Plan

Once you have identified your learning outcomes and know how much time you have with students, you can plan your session accordingly. Parsing the class into manageable chunks helps keep student attention and allows them to actively engage with the material immediately. 

Introduction ex: Introduce yourself and what you do in the library; go over the agenda and goals for the session; point to the course guide


Learning Outcome 1

ex: Find opinions and editorials in newspapers

Demo LexisNexis and Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Comprehension Check or Active Learning ex: Students have a chance to search in the above databases; ask questions and discuss results 3:15-3:30
Learning Outcome 2   Time
Comprehension Check or Active Learning   Time
Learning Outcome 3   Time
Comprehension Check or Active Learning   Time
Wrap-up   Time
Assessment   Time
Notes/things to remember for next time    

 Adapted from Megan Oakleaf, "Lessons for the Librarian: 10 Tips for Teaching the One-Shot Instruction Session"

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