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Private Company Financials

Private Company Ratios
Since private company financials are not disclosed, ratios can provide a benchmark for comparison and sizing the market.

Financial Ratios Benchmarks -- Comprehensive, detailed data on over 700 industries derived directly from financial statements.

A powerful database of private equity firms, hedge funds, mezzanine investors, small business investment companies, valuation firms, M&A advisory firms, institutional real estate investors and senior lenders.

ReferenceUSA will provide the following information for private companies...
  • Business Expenditures
  • Business Size History: Ten years’ worth of Sales Volume By Year data.‚Äč
Please note that these are estimates due to the fact that private companies within the US are not required to file reports with the US Securities & Exchange Commission (


Mergent Online has the D&B Private Company Database module. The financial information for the private company is limited to estimated "Sale Volume". This resource will provide financial information pertaining to a private company's publicly traded competitors.



Thomson ONE will only work with Internet Explorer, it will not work with EDGE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Some analyst reports from investment banks, brokerage houses, or research firms may have financial information for private companies.

  1.  Select "Screening & Analysis
  2.  Select "Research"
  3.  Type Company Name or Ticker Symbol
  4.  Use the "More Options" section to search using a keyword or title; NAICS or SIC code.

TIP: Search using the private company's name in the title

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