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Nonprofit Explorer - Research Tax-Exempt Organizations

By Ken Schwencke, Mike Tigas, Sisi Wei and Alec Glassford, ProPublica, and Brandon Roberts, Special to ProPublica

Use this database to view summaries of 3 million tax returns from tax-exempt organizations and see financial details such as their executive compensation and revenue and expenses. You can browse IRS data released since 2013 and access more than 14 million tax filing documents going back as far as 2001. 

Use this database to locate the individual 990 forms of private foundations, public charities, and other nonprofits. is a company created by the merger of the Foundation Center and

The following links will take you to useful, free sites related to funding research, nonprofit management, technical assistance and online training as well as connect you with other local, state and national organizations and institutions with whom you can network for success.

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