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Company Research

Company Profiles

The resources below are excellent places to find information about companies, however, always review the company's website for reports, case studies or white papers produced by those firms.

Company Information

Select Companies/Markets from the tool bar to retrieve company news and reports.

Select Companies from drop-down menu, to search for company reports.

Start by selecting "Report Builder" and then select the data items needed for your research.

ReferenceUSA will provide the following information for public and private companies...
  • Business Expenditures
  • Business Size History: Ten years’ worth of Sales Volume By Year data.​
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Company Dossier

The Company Dossier module within the Nexis Uni provides a quick and convenient way to look up company information such as current news, financial, industry, mergers & acquisitions, legal, and intellectual property.

The following screenshots provide instructions on how to download relevant company information from the Company Dossier:

1. In the company profile page, click on "Generate Report" next to the company name. 

2. Check the blank boxes to select the types of information you want to download.

3. Under "More Option", check "Include full document".

4. Select a file format under "Document Type" (default is PDF).

5. Click on "Generate Report".

The Snapshot section provides an overview of the company's directory, industry classification, business description, financials, and more.

The Company Information section provides a comprehensive overview of a company's brands, competitors, company hierarchy, and executive and professional contacts.

The Current News section lists up to 50 current news articles about a company.

The Financial Overview section provides key financial figure comparisons from the past few years for a company, including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, ratio analysis, institutional stock holders, and more.

The Legal section provides information about recent cases of a company in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, and the Commonwealth. It also provides directory information of law firms and lawyers whose client is this company.

The Intellectual Property section provides recent patent information of a company in the U.S., Europe, and Japan. It also provides information on recent state, federal, and international trademarks of this company.

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