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Modern and Contemporary China



Welcome to the guide for Modern and Contemporary China Studies at UT Libraries. This guide navigates through research and teaching resources related to the studies of modern and contemporary China (roughly since the late nineteenth century) here at UTL and beyond! Please use the menu on the left for different types of resources.  For resources pertaining to the premodern periods of China, please refer to Premodern China Guide

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This guide does not exhaust all the possible resources that UT Libraries have that may help your research and teaching. Please also check out other related guides listed on the right. If the information here does not satisfy your needs or you want to know more about the resource and services at the UT Libraries, please contact Yi Shan, the East Asian Studies Liaison librarian. 

Searching Chinese Materials

Please note that the LC Pinyin Romanization that used by libraries in the North America is slightly different than the habitual uses in academic writings. The most noticeable difference is that LC Romanization rules do not lump syllables except for personal and place names. When searching the library catalogues, please follow the LC rules. See following links and a video tutorial for detailed instructions. 

Collections Updates and User Survey

The Aug 2023 collections update is available here!

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