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Patent Searching: Databases & Tutorials

Patent Searching - Databases and Tutorials




From the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office:

  • Patent Public Search - New in 2022.  An advanced tool for searching U.S. patents and applications.
  • Search Patents and Applications - these are two separate databases, PatFT (for issued patents) and AppFT (for applications).
  • Classification Search - searching by classification is the approach recommended by experts for subject searching.
  • Patent Center - is the location for filing patents.  Also, it is where you can view application and correspondence documents.


Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) --- the classification system used for advanced subject searching:


Other important websites for accessing patents and patent information:

U.S. Plant Patents in Color:
  • Plant Patents Image Database - Color images for U.S. Plant Patents.
  • To see color images for the newest plant patents, if they are not yet in the "Plant Patents Image Database," use the Patent Center.
    • Change the default "application no." to "Patent #",
    • Enter the patent number -- in this format, pp23456.
    • "Supplemental Content" is near the bottom of the menu at left of the bibliographic record, with "Design Drawings," if available.


Including historic reports of the U.S. Patent Office:

Russ's Guide to Gazettes at the Hathi Trust helps to explain these next entries:

Recommended Tutorials​ and Aids

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