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Track II: International Security

International Security










This IRG program track focuses primarily with questions of conflict within and across national borders, and the efforts by state- and non-state actors to minimize threats and forge a peaceful and just world. Broad considerations of the foreign policies of nations fit within this track, as well as a focus upon war, revolution, imperialism and decolonization — any subjects involving the extension of power in the international sphere. The proliferation of nuclear weapons and the threat of global terrorism are central concerns within this track. Security matters may involve both external and internal threats. In an age of globalization, many issues that threaten to derail the stability of any one government—social unrest, mass migration, political turmoil—can quickly become a regional and even global hazard, and thus may fall within this track’s scope.

The tabs below have resources related to Track II: International Security. The 'background' tab contains an encyclopedia database and individual books focusing on larger overviews, definitions, and central concerns of international security. The databases link contains suggestions for databases with a focus on international security that will have in-depth research sources.

International Security Resources

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