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Electronic Resources: Troubleshooting

Link Does Not Lead to Correct Article

Link Does Not Lead to Correct Article

In some cases, an article link may lead you to the incorrect article. This guide will help you browse directly to the article you want.

Go to our library homepage at and click on "Journals."

Search the title of the journal and click the Available Online link of the publication that contains the article.

Screenshot showing example Journal search results for publication title "Neuron"

Clicking Available Online will open a popup window with details about that publication.

Screenshot showing popup window after clicking "Available online" on the previous results screen for "Neuron"

Once you have selected a database, you can scroll to the View Online section to identify the database that contains the correct date range for the requested article.

Screenshot showing databases available for access to the publication "Neuron," though each database offers different coverage dates.

If you are still not able to access the article you want, please report the problem to the Ask A Librarian email. When filling out the form, list the name of the database, the name of the article (if applicable), and a description of the error. We will contact you when the issue has been resolved.

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