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Electronic Resources: Troubleshooting

Browser Errors

Errors on Chrome

If your run into problems while using a Chrome browser, try the following solutions:

  • Test if the problem occurs in an incognito window. Press Ctrl + Shift + N (Cmd +Shift + N for Mac) to open an incognito window on Chrome. 
  • Sign out of your Google account. Clear the browser cookies and cache (see guide linked in Other Error Messages below). Then, sign back into Google.
  • Disable browser extensions

Error Message: "Too Many Redirects"

If your browser displays a "Too Many Redirects" error message, there are a few potential solutions for this issue:

  • Use another browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox)
  • Clear browser data (see guide linked in Other Error Messages below)
  • Disable browser extensions (e.g. AdBlock):
  • Synchronize system date and time with the internet:

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser does not work with many websites and its icon looks very similar to the Internet Explorer icon. If you are using the Edge browser, changing browsers may fix the issue.

Other Error Messages

There are numerous errors that users can run across that are browser related. If you receive an error that does not match one of the examples in this guide, clear your browser cache and cookies.

If none of these solutions work, please report the problem to the Ask A Librarian email. When filling out the form, list the name of the database, the name of the article (if applicable), and a description of the error. We will contact you when the issue has been resolved.

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