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Funding Opportunity Information & PIVOT

Funding Information & Opportunities

Office of the Vice President for Research, Find Funding - guidance, support, and policies concerning funding.

Pivot - brings together research opportunities, funding, and people providing access to a comprehensive global source of funding opportunities, researcher expertise, and more. GET STARTED > Pivot - Funding Opportunity Database.

SciENcv - tool to help researchers gather professional information by creating biographical sketches for federal funded grants. The requirement is increasing in its use across most government agencies, with the National Institutes of Health as being current. In Ocotober 2020, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will require that biographical sketches be created in this system. 

NSF-Approved Formats for Current and Pending Support. 

Library Guide SciENcv, more information.

FAQ, using SciENcv.

More information from Library Research Guide:

Find Funding Opportunities.

Pivot and more ...

Tool for Finding Funding Agency Policies

Several funding agencies are mandating that research supported with their dollars be freely available for anyone to access. For information concerning funding agency policies, Use this TOOL.

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