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GIS & Geospatial Data Services

Michael Shensky has accepted the position of Head of Research Data Services (RDS) within Research Support & Digital Initiatives (RSDI).
He has been the GIS and Geospatial Data Coordinator since 2018.

Please continue to contact Michael if you need assistance and schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss the use of geospatial data in your research or applications of GIS in marine science research. Find all of his GIS related resources in one central location: and schedule a time to meet or contact him via email regarding any GIS questions you might you have. 

Selected Resources

The followng books are held at the Marine Science Library. Search within the library catalog for materials at other locations.

Memorial Resolutions honor the academic accomplishments, the pedagogy, and the lives of deceased UT Austin Professors. These tributes are sponsored by the Office of the General Faculty and written by committees of faculty members.

Preprint Servers

Preprints are preliminary versions of scientific manuscripts that researchers share by posting to preprint servers before peer-review and publication in an academic journal. Preprint servers are publicly available online archives that host preprints and their associated data. (Google, Jan 31, 2021)

For more information >> List of preprint servers, from ASAPbio (Accelerating Science and Publication in biology) 

Where to Find Preprints and other great resources, from Bernard Becker Medical Library, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO.

Preprints - multidisciplinary preprint platform.

Few examples of preprint repositories:

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