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Marine Science

Writing Assistance

UWC has handouts on instructional materials to assist in all aspects of writing and links to additional helpful resources.

Some examples include:

APA Style. American Psychological Association - basics of APA style (tutorial), APA Style help, frequently asked questions, learning APA stye and other information

Essay Exams

Résumé Writing

Evaluate Sources - provides information on how to appraise sources such as books or articles, before using a source for a research paper. It's important to critically analyze these sources for usefulness, authenticity, accuracy, etc.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - Excellent resource from Capital Community College, Hartford, Connecticut (word and sentence level, paragraph level, essay and research paper level, ask grammar, interactive quizzes, search devices, peripherals and powerpoints)

All About Plagiarism Tutorial, University of Texas Libraries

A Brief Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism  

Paraphrasing - Handout (UWC)  

UT-Austin Academic Integrity  

Preventing Plagiarism, UT School of Undergraduate Studies, Center for the Skills & Experience Flags

Statement on Plagiarism Detection Software - The Faculty Writing Committee has produced the following statement on the use of plagiarism detection software. This statement is endorsed by Patricia Roberts-Miller, Director of the University Writing Center and Jeffrey Walker, Chair of the Department of Rhetoric and Writing.

These success stories are great testimonials from graduate students who are members of the UWC community and recently finished their PhDs.

Relevant Books - thorough list.

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