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Technical Reports & Bulletins

Technical reports can be sort of tricky and sometimes difficult to find.
Sometimes they are often referred to as grey literature. 

What are Tech Reports?

Technical reports usually originate in federal government agencies, but may also come from academic institutions, state or foreign governments, and private firms and organizations. They contain results of research carried out in government labs or on government contracts or, in the case of private companies, for in-house, proprietary use. They are often cited in the literature using obscure report numbering systems or vague and incomplete references, and they can be quite difficult to verify and obtain.  In past decades some libraries participated in large microfiche depository programs run by DOE and NTIS, but these were phased out after the 1990s.  While thousands of legacy federal agency reports have been digitized in recent years by various parties, many older and non-federal reports that are held in libraries exist only in paper or microform, often with little or no cataloging or inventory.  Many more have likely vanished altogether.  Consult a librarian for assistance.

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NOAA Resources

NOAA Professional Paper NMFS series - (replaced NOAA Technical Report NMFS series in 2003).


NOAA Technical Report NMFS

Other Resources

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Publications. Browse & download directly from the FAO Document Repository.


Contributions in Marine Science (formerly the Publications of the Institute of Marine Science) - digital collection, v. 12-38, 1967-2009. 

NLM Technical Bulletin - National Library of Medicine | National Institutes of Health.

Comptes Rendus

Created in 1835 by the physicist François Arago, then Permanent Secretary, the journal Comptes Rendus of the French Academy of sciences allows researchers to quickly make their work known to the international scientific community.

It is divided into seven series covering the whole range of research fields in exact and applied sciences: Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Biology, Geoscience, Physics and Palevol. Each title is led by one or more editor(s)-in-chief, assisted by editorial boards. The articles submitted are reviewed by scientists with recognized competence in the field concerned.

Consult the website for more detailed information.

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