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This libguide will help guide the creation of an Omeka account. It will also help with uploading content, setting up collections, and creating exhibits.

About Omeka

About Omeka

Omeka is a web publishing platform you can use to upload digital objects (like images or documents) and organize them into collections and exhibits that you share through your Omeka site. There are also themes and plugins available through Omeka to customize your site to suit your needs. 

There are three versions of Omeka: is the best option for most individuals' needs because it offers a free account option and has the basic features to create collections and exhibits. It is a hosted service which also offers various levels of paid accounts that include more features and larger storage. This version of Omeka does not require a download, and you do not need to meet any server specifications or have technical skills.

*The other sections of this guide will focus on using the "free trial" account on Your free trial account has limited features but no expiration date.

Omeka Classic (formerly is more advanced. If you want to host an independent site on your own server, you can download the open source software from

Omeka S is similar to Omeka Classic but has additional features that facilitate hosting multiple Omeka sites. This version also contains advanced data linking features that assist connection between different data sources.

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