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This libguide will help guide the creation of an Omeka account. It will also help with uploading content, setting up collections, and creating exhibits.

Creating an Exhibit

Creating an Exhibit

Before you create an exhibit, you will need to complete the following:

  • Install the "Exhibit Builder" plugin. Refer to the "Adding Plugins" section of our "Getting Started" page for instructions on downloading plugins.
  • Upload items to your Omeka site. Refer to the "Uploading Items" section of our "Uploading and Organizing Content" page for instructions on uploading content to your site. 

Once the "Exhibit Builder" plugin has been installed on your Omeka site, click on the "Exhibits" tab on your site's dashboard. Then, click on "Add an Exhibit."

Next, you will be able to enter metadata for your exhibit. A few areas to note in this section:

  • The "Exhibit Slug" defines the end of the exhibit's URL. For example, by entering "sample_exhibit", the URL for your exhibit would be "".
  • "Exhibit Theme" allows you to choose the appearance of the exhibit. 
  • "Cover Image" allows you to upload an image that will be displayed as the thumbnail image for your exhibit.

Here is a sample of a completed exhibit metadata page:

Once you have completed the exhibit's metadata, click on "Save Changes" to add the exhibit to your site. Before saving, you can select the exhibit to be "Public" (viewable on the Omeka site) or "Featured" (appears on the front page of the Omeka site).

You can continue to add more exhibits or edit exisiting exhibits from the "Exhibits" tab on your Omeka site's dashboard.

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