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This libguide will help guide the creation of an Omeka account. It will also help with uploading content, setting up collections, and creating exhibits.

Dublin Core

Dublin Core

Dublin Core is the most common metadata schema for web content.

Named in part for a 1995 metadata conference hosted by the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) located in Dublin, Ohio, Dublin Core consists of 15 elements that were considered broad and generic enough to describe a wide range of resources. 

Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

Element Description


A name given to the resource, either supplied by the individual assigning metadata or from the object.

Example: "A Pilot's Guide to Aircraft Insurance"


Entity responsible for making the resource.

Example: "Duncan, P. A."


The topic of the resource, typically represented using keywords.

Example: "Colonial medicine"


An account of the resource.

Example: "Illustrated guide to airport markings and lighting signals for airports with low visibility conditions."


An entity responsible for making the resource available.

Example: "The University of Texas Press"


An entity responsible for making contributions to the resource (e.g. editor, transcriber, illustrator).

Example: "Austin Citizen Photograph"


The spatial or temporal topic of the resource.

Example: "Austin, TX"


A point or period of time associated with the resource.

Example: "1998-02-16"


The nature or genre of the resource. For a list of possible types, visit the DCMI Type Vocabulary.

Example: "image"


The file format, physical medium, or dimensions of the resource.

Example: "[128] p. : ill. ; 15 cm."


Information about rights held over the resource.

Example: "This electronic resource is made available by the University of Texas Libraries solely for the purposes of research, teaching and private study."


A related resource from which the described resource is derived.

Example: "ZA 3075 Y69 2007"


Language(s) of the resource.

Example: "Spanish"


A related resource. For a list of possible relations, visit the Summary Refinement and Scheme Table.

Example: "HasVersion 13th Edition"


A unique reference to the resource.

Example: "doi:10.15781/T2251FN91"

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