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This libguide will help guide the creation of an Omeka account. It will also help with uploading content, setting up collections, and creating exhibits.

Getting Started

Creating an Omeka Account

To set up a free Omeka account, go to

At the bottom of the page, click on "Get started with".

Then, click on "Start your free Omeka trial" and enter your information

After you have submitted your information, you will receive an email that contains a link to complete your account set-up. Once you click on the link, your Omeka account will be ready to use.

You can now login to your Omeka account by clicking on the "My Account" link on the top-right corner of

Creating an Omeka Site

To add a site to your Omeka account, click on "Add a Site" under "My Sites" on your Omeka dashboard.

Next, you will be able to name your site's subdomain (i.e. [testwebpage] and the title of your site. Also, you can add a description of your site, but it is not required, and you can edit or change your site's title and description at any time under "Settings." Once you're done, you can click "Add Your New Site" on the bottom left side of the screen.

Once you have created your site, the domain name will be listed on the Omeka dashboard.

Click on the "Manage Site" under the domain name to begin adding and organizing content on your site.

Note: For the free version of Omeka, you are only allowed to manage one site.

Adding Plugins

On your site's dashboard, click on "Plugins".

This page displays the list of Omeka plugins available and a brief description of their function. Click "Install" to add any of these plugins to your Omeka site.

To learn more information about specific plugins, click on the title of that plugin to be directed to its user manual.

A popular plugin is "Exhibit Builder." See our "Creating an Omeka Exhibit" page for more information on how to utilize this plugin. 

Other commonly useful plugins are "Simple Pages" which allows you to add and edit different pages, like an about page or a blog page, to your site, and "LC Suggest" which will automatically suggest terms from controlled vocabularies in metadata fields.


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