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This libguide will help guide the creation of an Omeka account. It will also help with uploading content, setting up collections, and creating exhibits.

Uploading Items

Uploading Items

From your Omeka site's dashboard, click on the "Items" tab and click "Add an Item."

Then, you will be able to enter Dublin Core metadata, Item Type Metadata, Files, and Tags. You can also choose to make an item "Public" (viewable on your site) or "Featured" (appears on the front page of your site) and choose which collection to add your item to if you have created any collections.

A few areas to note in this section:

  • For a basic Dublin Core entry, it is recommended to enter the title, subject, description, creator, source, publisher, and date. You may enter as much or as little information as you feel is necessary. You can find more information about Omeka's metadata standards in the "Introduction to Metadata" page of this guide.
  • In the Item Type Metadata tab, you can choose the item type (e.g. still image, physical object, sound, etc.) and additional metadata concerning the specific item (e.g. the dimensions of a still image). Descriptions of the various item types can be found on the "Item Types" page from the link in the left sidebar.
  • You can upload files from your computer under the "Files" tab to add image files, sound files, etc. to your item record, but this is not necessary (for instance, your item might be a hyperlink to another online resource rather than a jpg image file, in which case you would add the url in the Item Type Metadata).
  • In the Tags tab, you can enter relevant topic keywords such as "history," "art," etc.

You can click "Add Item" at any time to save the information you have entered, and you can come back to edit it later. Anything you enter while adding an item will not save until you have clicked "Add Item."  If you are editing an existing item, this button will say "Save Changes" instead. 

You can continue to add more items or edit existing items from  the "Items" page on your Omeka site's dashboard.

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