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U.S. History

This guide provides useful print and online resources to help people doing research in the History of the United States of America, defined broadly.

Civil Rights & Social Movements

Recommended Databases & Resources

In this context, Asian American refers to people from the East Asian, Pacific Islander and South Asian diaspora. This is no means a comprehensive list of resources on the Asian American experience in the United States but they will get you started in your research. 

 This scene shows first-graders of Japanese ancestry during flag pledge ceremony. They stand in a line and hold a hand to their heart.

San Francisco, California. Many children of Japanese ancestry attended Raphael Weill Public School prior to evacuation. This scene shows first-graders during flag pledge ceremony, 1942, Public Domain from the Densho digital collection

Also, see our library research guide on Asian American Studies and this guide page on Race in South Asia and the U.S. for more recommended databases, journals and reference material. 

Photo by © Ted Streshinsky/CORBIS (Corbis via Getty Images), 1965

Also, see our many library research guides on Latinx Studies for additional resources and research help. 

For more resources and research help, please see these other guides on LGBTQ Studies and the guide to UT Libraries' Black Queer Studies Collection

See more research guides on women's history from our Women & Gender Studies librarian, here.

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Austin Archives Documenting Communities

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