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Articles, Chapters & more

What is Articles & More?

The Articles & More scope searches a large, shared index of bibliographic records (called the Central Discovery Index*) that covers many types of electronic publications, including:

  • Articles in peer-reviewed electronic journals
  • Articles in electronic periodicals of all types
  • Chapters in selected e-books
  • Papers from electronic conference proceedings
  • Articles and entries in electronic reference works (such as encyclopedias)
  • Dissertations
  • Patents
  • Technical reports
  • Government documents
  • Datasets

The index does NOT cover non-electronic content such as print-only journals or books.  It also doesn't automatically include digital newspaper articles (see below for more about that).  Since this database contains many millions of bibliographic records, almost any search will retrieve a large number of results. To refine and focus your results you will need to use the Facets menu to the left to select specific resource types, date ranges, or subject headings.  You can also add more keyword terms to your search to make it more specific. 

All documents found in this search should be available to you electronically via the Libraries, either through our subscriptions and licenses, or as Open Access. If you want to broaden your results to include documents that are not available directly to you, click the "include results beyond UT" box at the bottom of the Facets menu.

* The Central Discovery Index (CDI) is a product of the system vendor Ex Libris, and is not created or managed by UT Libraries. 

Searching by DOI

If you have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for an article, you can search it directly in the Articles & More scope.  If the article is indexed in the database and is available to us, it should come right up.

snap of DOI search

Newspaper Search

Newspaper articles are not automatically included in your results when you search in Articles & More.  To see newspaper articles, open the Resource Type facet menu from your results display, and click on Newspapers search at the bottom of the list.  There's also a link at the bottom of the results browse list.  This takes you into Newspapers search mode and will show only newspaper articles.

You may notice that some prominent newspapers are missing from your results.  This is because they aren't included in the ProQuest newspaper coverage, or we do not have subscription access to them.  There is not a way to limit your results to a specific newspaper. 

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