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Exporting Records

You can export a specific record from your results in either BibTex or RIS format for importing into reference management software such as EndNote.  Just click the ... (ellipsis) next to the title and select your desired action:  export, print or email.

snap of export screen

To export multiple records, you can select records by clicking the record number box to the left of the desired titles, or use the pin button to mark records of interest, then view your Favorites list and select records to export.  

The Permalink button provides a stable URL to a specific bibliographic record, which you can paste in an email, add to a bookmark list, web page or a Canvas link, or anywhere else where you want to provide a direct link to that record.   

The Citation button opens a window where the item's bibliographic information can be formatted in one of several desired styles for pasting into a bibliography.

The QR Code button creates a QR that you can scan with your phone to open the record in your phone's browser.

Using Article Citation Trails

Some articles in the Articles & More section have Citation Trails, which allow you to see other articles that have cited the article you're looking at (known as Citing Articles), and also articles that your article has cited in its bibliography (Cited Articles).  This allows you to explore the literature backward (cited) and forward (citing) in time from the initial article. 

To follow a citation trail, look for the Cited By cited by button and Citing citing button buttons in the action list or in the full record display:

citation trail buttons

Remote Connection Information

If you need to point a reference manager tool (usually Zotero) to our search system's OpenURL resolver, this is the URL to enter:

If you need to connect to Search remotely using a Z39.50 connection (usually via EndNote), see our EndNote guide for configuration details.

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