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The term "Journals" as we use it here can refer to any kind of open-ended serial publication:  scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, annuals, and periodicals of all sorts.  It includes both electronic versions available online and hardcopy, printed and microform publications held in our library collections. And it includes both ongoing, currently published titles as well as past serials that are no longer published or which have since changed titles.

The easiest way to search for these titles is to use the JOURNALS tab in the top menu.  In the search box you can type words from the title, or the ISSN if you know it.  The records in your results will indicate whether the title is available online, or in print, or both.  You can also refine your results to one or the other. 

Click on a title to see the full cataloging details about it, including all versions of full text availability and locations and call numbers of physical copies.  Here you can also log in to initiate a Get a Scan request to get a copy of an article from an eligible printed journal.

Finding a Specific Piece of a Hardcopy Periodical

This is a definite weak point of the software system, and can cause much frustration.

  1. If you're looking for a specific volume of a print (or microform) journal or periodical, click the Filter button filter buttonabove the Locations list. 
  2. From the Filters menu bar, click on the Description header to see a popup box listing all the attached items, and select the one you want.  (Ignore the "volume" and "year" fields in the menu.  Due to the structure of our legacy metadata, these fields have no content.)
  3. The item record for that piece should appear in the list, and you can expand it to see its call number, location and current status. 
  4. Clear the filter to go back to the whole list.

  • "Host bibliographic record for boundwith item barcode" - You may run into this confusing designation.  For more information see the page on Item Status Displays.
  • Unbound (loose) issues of periodicals that are still currently received in the Libraries may be represented in the Catalog as separate items in a different holdings record.  Ask in the owning library if you need assistance locating a recent issue. 
  • "Check Shelf" entries under the Locations tab should be ignored.  These are left over from our legacy system and don't represent actual holdings or status.

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