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Biostatistics N W395N

Finding Articles


  1. Always, always, always login to PubMed with your My NCBI account credentials.
  2. To search PubMed for retracted articles, enter retracted[sb]
  3. To search within PubMed's subset of nursing journals, enter jsubsetn
  4. To search for articles by methodology, try combining PubMed's Medical Subject Heading, "Epidemiologic Study Characteristics"[Mesh] with your search terms.


  1. Search the Retraction Watch website.
  2. Combine retracted[sb] with your topic search in PubMed.
  3. Run a topic search in Web of Science. On the left-hand sidebar, look for Document Types. Select more options/values, check the box for RETRACTED PUBLICATION, then click REFINE.
  4. In CINAHL, search: (retracted OR retraction) AND (your search terms here).

Finding Datasets

Biological Datasets
Biomedical Datasets
Health Sciences Datasets
Other STEM Datasets
Social Science Datasets


Here is an example of an article in a popular (NOT peer-reviewed source):
"Data breaches at hospitals associated with thousands of additional patient deaths," Wall Street Journal, March 23, 2018

Here is the researcher's conference presentation on the same topic:
"Do hospital data breaches reduce patient care quality?"

Here is some of the researcher's data:
"Health data breaches," interactive map created by Sung Choi. Last updated: March 1, 2017

Note the recent dates of the researcher's data and conference presentation. It is unlikely that a peer-reviewed paper has yet been published on this research.

--April 2018

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