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Citing & Citation Managers

Citation Styles

Use these sources to check that citation and bibliography formatting is correct. 

Use these sources to create citations or to check auto-generated citations for accuracy.

Remember auto-generated citations are notorious for having capitalization and punctuation errors. 

Citations Managers: EndNote

Cite While You Write allows you to use your EndNote references for in-text citations in MS Word.

See how this works  - Using Cite While You Write starts at 1:14:05 and goes through the end of the video.

Contact EndNote Technical Support

Contact the UT Libraries' EndNote help list to

  • schedule a group training
  • schedule an individual training
  • ask an EndNote question

Citation Managers: Mendeley & Zotero

Citation Managers

Citation managers help you:

  • collect and organize your research

  • format citations for written work, including generating bibliographies

  • share sources with team members, professors or colleagues


Comparison charts

See these charts that compare citation managers and select one that is right for you:

Brief chart comparing citation managers (UT Libraries)

Compare Zotero and Mendeley (MIT Libraries)

Compare EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero (UC San Diego)

Extensive chart comparing citation managers (Wikipedia)


Ready to install a citation manager? 

See the tabs above for Mendeley and Zotero and the box below for EndNote.


Library Guide

Once you have selected a citation manager, this library guide can help you start using it: 
Citation Managers for Research Organization


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