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Can't I Just Google It?

                                                                Video via NEIU Ronald Williams Library. 

What's the deal with Google Scholar?

Google Scholar searches many of our subscriptions with that comfy Google interface and proprietary algorithm. 

Is everything 'scholarly'?

  • No, make sure to take a look at the original source. Who wrote it? Was it published? Where?

Sometimes I can get the articles when I search Google Scholar, sometimes I can't. 

  • If you're off campus, this likely means you need to 'sign in' to our subscriptions. Head to, choose the Articles tab on the blue search box and click the Google Scholar link:

I got, like, a million results in Google Scholar.

  • Try using the advanced search, which isn't very advanced. It's the downward pointing arrow at the end of the search bar. You're better off strategizing a better set of keywords.

Google Scholar

Search engine for academic literature, note that it only search a small fraction of what is available through specialized databases. Particularly useful to find articles and books that cite a particular article/book

Google Books

Search engine for books and journals digitized by Google and digital editions from many publishers, note that it is limited to digital/digitized materials. Use advanced search to search by title.

Google Image

Use the advanced search in Settings to limit by file type, image color, license,  image type, or geographical location

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