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Analytical Chemistry

The term "standard methods" usually refers to procedures that are developed and published by organizations or government agencies to ensure consistent analysis, assay, and testing of specific types of materials. This is particularly important for regulatory and legal issues related to food and drug products and environmental pollutants.

EPA logo Finding specific reports, regulations, and methods originating in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can be very challenging. EPA methods may be "published" as printed or microfiche government documents; some may be republished commercially in book form. Some are available only for sale from the NTIS. The EPA has scanned many older documents and made them freely available on the Web, but they can be hard to locate, even with EPA's own search engine. Multiple and conflicting systems of report numbering may be used at any given time. Revisions and supplements are common. A method number (e.g. 200.7) sometimes isn't very useful by itself. An EPA document number (e.g. 600/4-91-010), a title, and a date are better starting points. If you have a method title, be sure to search the library catalog to see if the library has a copy in print or microfiche. Consult a librarian for further assistance.

For sources of printed and online spectra, see this Guide:

Textbooks on analytical methods and theory can be found at the Reserves Desk in the PMA Library.  Popular titles with recent editions include:

  • Harris, Quantitative Chemical Analysis.
  • Skoog, Holler, Crouch.  Principles of Instrumental Analysis.
  • Skoog, West, Holler, Crouch.  Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry.

Browsing the chemistry collection (PCL 6AA) under the following classifications can also be useful:

  • QD 71-78: General analytical chemistry and textbooks
  • QD 79: Specific methods including chromatography
  • QD 81-87: Qualitative analysis
  • QD 95-96:  Spectrum analysis/Spectroscopy
  • QD 101-117:  Quantitative analysis including electrochemical analysis
  • QD 130-142:  Technical analysis (metals, special substances, water, etc.)
  • QD 271-272:  Organic analysis
  • QP 519:  Biochemical analysis

Searching the Literature

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