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Boggs Fund

James Boggs

The James E. and Ruth Ann Boggs Endowment was established by Dr. and Mrs. Boggs in 1998.  Jim Boggs was a member of the Chemistry Dept. faculty from 1953 until his death in 2013.  He was deeply interested in the quality of our library.  His wife Ruth Ann was a former librarian.  Further gifts from the Boggs family and other alumni continue to grow the fund. 

This endowment has been used to purchase numerous monographs and reference sets in both print and electronic formats, and continues to be a key part of the library's available


Skinner Fund

Aubrey SkinnerThe Aubrey E. Skinner Library Endowment was established in 1985 to honor the legacy of UT's longtime chemistry librarian, who headed the Mallet Chemistry Library from 1951 to 1985. 

Funds from this endowment have enabled the purchase of many large reference works over the past four decades, including Chemical Abstracts Collective Indexes, as well as hundreds of monographs and special acquisitions in both print and electronic formats.


Support Chemical Information

Philanthropy is a cornerstone of the UT Libraries' continued excellence.  Gifts to our library endowments are permanent and the income from these endowments is available to us in perpetuity and helps us develop and maintain world-class collections.  Donors can give to an existing endowment or honor someone's legacy by establishing a new one.  Visit the Libraries' Giving page for more information.

Mallet Memories

Mallet Library ca.1978

The Mallet Chemistry Library had its origins with UT's earliest chemistry department and was named for our first chemistry professor, John W. Mallet, in 1934.  It served as a focal point of Welch Hall for generations of students, until it closed in 2017.

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