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Polymers and Plastics

Resources & Bibliography

On the Web


See the guide on Materials Science & Engineering for more sources.


Printed collections of spectra of polymers, plastics, rubbers, and other macromolecular substances are included here:

Find them in the Library Catalog. Print books on polymer-related topics are scattered across a number of areas of the Library of Congress Classification system, depending on their focus:

  • QC463.P5 - Polymer spectra
  • QD139.P6 - Polymer characterization and analysis
  • QD281.P6 - Organic polymerization
  • QD380-389 - Polymer chemistry, general and specific
  • QP801.P64 - Biopolymers
  • TA455P5/P58 - Physical/mechanical properties of polymeric materials
  • TP156.P6 - Polymerization processes (industrial)
  • TP1101-1185 - Polymer and plastics engineering and products

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