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Polymers and Plastics

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Printed collections of spectra of polymers, plastics, rubbers, and other macromolecular substances are included on the Spectra and Spectral Data guide.

Find them in the Library Catalog. Print books on polymer-related topics are scattered across a number of areas of the Library of Congress Classification system, depending on their focus:

  • QC463.P5 - Polymer spectra
  • QD139.P6 - Polymer characterization and analysis
  • QD281.P6 - Organic polymerization
  • QD380-389 - Polymer chemistry, general and specific
  • QP801.P64 - Biopolymers
  • TA455P5/P58 - Physical/mechanical properties of polymeric materials
  • TP156.P6 - Polymerization processes (industrial)
  • TP1101-1185 - Polymer and plastics engineering and products
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