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Textbooks in the Library

Chemistry textbooks currently requested by instructors are available for short-term checkout at the service desk in the PMA Library.  (PMA 4.200)

Older editions of print textbooks are available for regular checkout.  You can search in the Catalog for specific authors and titles.  Place a Pick It Up request to have a book delivered to the service desk of your choice.

Do chemistry textbooks change much from edition to edition?

No.  The purpose of new editions is mostly to short-circuit the used textbook market and maintain the publisher's revenue streams.  Unless your classwork involves specific problem sets, there's nothing wrong with using an older edition.

Does the library provide e-textbooks?

Generally not.  Most publishers don't offer electronic versions of traditional textbooks to libraries in the same way they sell regular e-books and monographs.  They want to sell them directly to you instead. 

Open Educational Resources in Chemistry

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