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Bureau of Economic Geology

List of Series

Established in 1909, the Bureau of Economic Geology is the oldest research unit of The University of Texas. The Bureau is the State Geological Survey of Texas and has been an integral part of the development of the state’s economic success through the years. Its mission is to conduct geoscience research on relevant energy, environmental, and economic issues. Bureau researchers carry out basic and applied research projects globally in energy resources, technologies and economics, coastal and environmental studies, land resources and use, geologic and mineral mapping, hydrogeology, geochemistry, and subsurface nanotechnology.


BEG Series
Call Number (-f- = Folio; -q- = Oversize)
Annual Reports (AR)

QE 167 T416

Bibliography (BS)

QE 167 M378
QE 167 M691 1972
QE 167 M692

Cross Sections (CS)

-q- QE 168 E23 W66 1981 
-q- QE 168 W43 B4
-q- QE 501.3 M67 1985
-q- QE 601 D6 1981
-q- QE 601 H33 1981
-q- QE 673 B769 1987
-q- QE 674 M29 1988
-q- QE 674 P74 1981
-q- QE 686 S64 2000
-q- QE 694 M677 1985

Digital Data (SW, COMP, DQ)

Call numbers vary - see Library Catalog

Down to Earth (DE)

G 4032 B532 2002 H467 
QE 167 D69 1997
QE 168 B5 B27 2000
QE 168 M87 R36 2002
QE 168 P437 W47 2003

Educational Materials (EM)

QE 571 G355 
QE 651 F57
TN 872 A333

Energy and Mineral Resources Maps (ER)

G 4031 N32 1982 T4

Environmental Geologic Atlas of the Texas Coastal Zone (EA)

G 1372 C6 E55 1976 
QE 168 B42 T41
QE 168 B88 E61
QE 168 C7 E6
QE 168 G2 T4
QE 168 K56 T49 1977
QE 168 P67 E6

Geologic Atlas of Texas (GA)

G 4031 C5 S250 T4 Geology Library Maps

Geologic Map of Texas

G 4031 C5 1992 U5: NE, NW, SE, SW SHEETS Geology Library Maps

Geologic Quadrangle Maps (GQ)

G 4031 C5 T4 Geology Library Maps

Geological and Hydrological Folios, Wilcox Group, East Texas (GF)

QE 691 A97 1985 
TN 834 U5 F64 1991
-q- TN 834 U6 K357 1990

Geological Circulars (GC)

TN 24 T4 T38

Guidebooks (GB)

QE 167 T4245

Handbooks (HB)

QE 28 U3 
QE 389.61 B2
TN 805 T4 E825
TN 890 E37
TN 948 F6

Highway Geology Map (BX)

G 4031 C5 1973 R4 Geology Library Maps

Historical Map

G 4031 C5 1916 U3 Geology Library Maps
G 4032 W42 C5 1904 H5 Geology Library Maps

Index Series

G 3701 C5 SVAR TEXAS 1963 Geology Library Maps
TN 872 T4 M6
TN 872 T4 M6 SUPPL. 1963-73

Mimeograph Circular

TN 24 T4 U658 NO.1-40

Mineral Resource Circulars (MC)

QE 167 M45

Mineral Resource Pamphlet (MR)

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Mineral Resource Survey Circulars (MS)

TN 24 T3 T383

Miscellaneous Maps, Charts, and Sections (MM)

Call numbers vary - see Library Catalog

Open File Reports

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Reports of Investigations (RI)

QE 167 T42

Research Notes (RN)

TN 260 T423

River Basins Regional Study (RB)

G 4031 C315 S250 T4 Geology Library Maps

Special or Other Publications (SR)

G 4031 G4 1977 K5 Geology Library Maps 
GB 459.4 M3236
GC 383.5 M35
HC 107 T4 H68
HD 9502 U52 N3
HT 167.5 T4 W647
-f- QE 33 B7
QE 770 S746
TN 24 T4 F474
TN 291 G721
TN 834 U5 K347
TN 872 T4 T423 1992

State Maps (SM)

G 4031 C5 1992 U5: NE, NW, SE, SW SHEETS
Geology Library Maps
G 4031 C554 1990 T4 NE, NW, SE, SW SHEETS Geology Library Maps

STATEMAP Project Geologic Maps or Open-File Maps (OFM)

G 4031 C5 S24 T4 Geology Library Maps

Submerged Lands of Texas (SL)

GC 383.5 S92

Symposia (SP)

GB 1025 T4 G424 1990 
HD 9506 U66 E4
QE 168 P47 G463 1990
QH 541 L48 1967
TD 427 P4 S95 1965
TN 260 F6785 1968

UT Bulletins (BL)

QE 167 U558

UT Publication (PB)

QE 167 U558

Well Record Circular (WR)

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