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Theses and Dissertations

UT Austin Theses

PRINT:  Circulating copies of most PhD dissertations and master's theses completed in the Jackson School and its predecessors before 2010 are available in the Walter Library.  Official archival (noncirculating) copies are held in the Library Storage Facility, and some circulating copies are located there too. (Some undergraduate Honors theses are also available in the collection.)

ELECTRONIC (ETDs):  Most UT Austin theses and dissertations completed after 2008 are available electronically in Texas ScholarWorks, our institutional repository, Additionally, a number issued prior to that date (including all Geology theses before 1932) have been digitized and made available there as well.  If you're the author of a thesis or dissertation and wish to have your work digitized and made openly available in Texas ScholarWorks, please contact the Geology Librarian. 

NEW THESES:  It can take 6-12 months after a new thesis is submitted to the Graduate School before it's cataloged and available to the public in ScholarWorks.  Some authors choose to embargo their dissertation for an additional 1-7 years (most often 2 years).

FINDING THEM:  The Library Catalog is the place to search for hardcopy theses and ETDs in the UT Libraries collections.  You can search by author name, title, subjects, and department.  After 2000 or so, the adviser's name is also indexed as an added author.

Non-UT Austin Theses

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