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Supporting the Library

Geology Foundation Library Endowments

These Geology Foundation endowments provide important supplementary support for the Walter Geology Library acquisitions and operations. These funds contribute significantly to making valuable geology information resources available to University of Texas students and faculty, as well as to geoscience researchers nationally and internationally.


Walter Fund

Established in 1984, the Joseph C. and Elizabeth C. Walter Geology Library Fund supports acquisition of materials in all areas of geology, as well as projects and activities to catalog, digitize and make accessible new and existing library resources. 

Joe Walter: An Appreciation

Tobin Map Fund

The Tobin International Geological Map Collection Fund, established in 1980 by Tobin Research in San Antonio (now P2 Tobin), provides funding for all purchases of maps and atlases for the Tobin Map Collection.

Whitney Memorial Book Fund

This fund focuses on support of acquisitions in paleontology.

Barrow Periodicals Fund

The Barrow Fund supports subscriptions to selected periodicals and journals for the Geology Library.  This endowment was created in 1995 by Tom Barrow and his family.

Chernoff Family Library Fund for Geophysics and Earth System Sensing

This fund supports acquisition of materials in geophysics and remote sensing in all formats. The Chernoff family and Carlotta Chernoff (BA 1992, MA 1995) set up the fund in 2005 to honor Charlie Chernoff for his long career in geophysics.

Wiley Hydrogeology Fund

The Wiley fund supports teaching and research in theoretical and applied water sciences, hydrogeology, hydrology, ground and surface water studies, hydroinformatics, etc. in all formats.  Faculty, staff, and alumni with the help of Mike Wiley (MA 1963, PhD 1970), the Barrow family, and others launched the fund in 2008.

Climate Studies Fund

Funded in 2012 by Debra Sue and Brian Trinque, this fund assists the library in acquiring information dealing with all aspects of climate studies.

Wendtlandt Fund

Proceeds are used to purchase geoscience publications in German language or translations from German. 

Donations in Kind - Books and Other Materials

*** On campus donations:  The library staff are no longer evaluating or removing materials from campus offices.  Contact the Surplus Property office in UT Facilities Services for advice in disposing of your unwanted materials.***

too many booksThe Walter Library collection has been built over the decades via two main routes:  purchased acquisitions and donations of materials.  However, the limitations of space and staff, and the real costs of processing, require that the Library be very selective when agreeing to review and accept donated materials.

In general, the library may review and possibly accept these kinds of materials as long as they're in good condition and within the collecting scope of the Geology Library:

  • Published monographs, reports, conferences of a scholarly nature not already held (detailed list required in advance)
  • Recent (<10 years) and current textbooks in good/new condition
  • Extended and complete runs of scholarly periodicals not already held and not available online
  • Geological ephemera (e.g. guidebooks) of local or regional interest
  • Maps (geologic only) in good condition, not already held

As a condition for accepting large donations, or donations of items requiring specialized processing (e.g. maps; obscure or foreign language materials; in need of binding), we may request an add-on monetary donation to defray the costs of cataloging.

The library can not review or accept these things:

  • Duplicate materials
  • Older textbooks (>10 years)
  • Anything in poor, damaged or fragile condition (any sign of mold or insect infestation; brittle or heat-damaged paper; torn paper or bindings; etc.)
  • Materials in library-unfriendly formats (looseleaf, spiral bound, photocopies, etc)
  • Miscellaneous issues of periodicals, journals, newsletters
  • Non-geologic maps (e.g. topographic)
  • Manuscripts; unpublished materials; personal papers; or company records (we are not an archive)
  • Well logs or instrument outputs (contact the Bureau of Economic Geology)
  • Electronic media (CD-ROMs; DVDs; tapes; flash/hard drives; digital files, etc.)
  • Non-textual objects (rocks, fossils, specimens, instruments, photographs, slides, etc)
  • Unsolicited large donations (uninventoried boxes) and office clean-outs

The University Libraries reserves the right to dispose of any unneeded or unsolicited materials without consultation with the donor. 

Contact the Geology Librarian for further information.

Thelma Lynn Guion Staff Award

Thelma Lynn Guion

This award is given to one or more people who have provided excellent service or assistance to the Walter Geology Library.

  • 2023-24: Morgan Colbert
  • 2019-20: James Galloway, Colleen Lyon, Anne Morgan
  • 2018-19: Birch Griesse, Pamela Perez, Luisana Lopez, and David Melanson
  • 2017-18: Janeice Connors, Bill Gannon, Matthew McGuire, Joey Marez, and Chris Stella
  • 2016-17: Katelyn Helberg and Kevaughn Evans
  • 2015-16: Nicole Evans and Dean Wilcox
  • 2014-15: Mandy Lancaster and Laura Mattys
  • 2013-14: Katherine Strickland and Russell Podgorsek
  • 2012-13: Kara Scott and Nicole Raney
  • 2011-12: Ann Marchock
  • 2010-11: Calla Smith-Dowling and Meredith Bush
  • 2009-10: David Melanson and Jennifer Lee
  • 2008-09: Claire Boetticher and Uri Kolodney
  • 2007-08: April DeRome and Caitlyn Lam
  • 2006-07: Amy Baker and Pat Dickerson
  • 2005-06: Angela Kille and Sean O'Brien
  • 2004-05: Vickie Drake and Mabel Torres
  • 2003-04: Margaret Bieneman, Yusliz Sufian
  • 2002-03: George R. Cogswell, Joseph A. Lucas
  • 2001-02: Alice Dewberry and Carol Russell
  • 2000-01: Jeff Newberry and Rebecca Romanchuk
  • 1999-2000: Ann Nelson and Harry Sullivan
  • 1998-99: Jo A. Soto
  • 1997-98: Rosemary Barker
  • 1996-97: Jim McCulloch, Carol Russell, Becky Zertuche, and Dan Mulvihill

Our History

A revised and updated history of the Walter Library is now available in Texas ScholarWorks. 

In Memoriam - Dennis Trombatore

dennis trombatoreDennis Trombatore, UT's Geology Librarian for 35 years, passed away on July 18, 2020.   Dennis was the heart and soul of the Walter Geology Library, and he continued to work tirelessly to serve the geosciences community at UT throughout his long illness.  He was an irreplaceable resource and a fount of knowledge of geology information, who had a boundless enthusiasm for his work and a true dedication to the Jackson School.

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