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Resources for DMS COVID-19 Elective

Resources for "COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Health on the Front Lines" Elective

For week 2 of  the COVID-19 elective, you will be researching a particular country and its response to the pandemic. This guide provides various useful resources for your research. This website only contains a selection of resources, but you will also likely discover others that provide you with useful information.  

Explore UT LIbraries' collection:

1. Databases -  Using the menus at the top of the databases' homepage to filter by subject area or by type of resources. Especially useful ones include:

2.  Books - Use the UT Libraries catalog to search for books. Use the left panel of the results page to filter to eBooks. 

3. Google - use site searching to find good quality resources - i.e.,,,, for example.  Or if you are looking for newspaper articles, you can just do a regular search in order to get the .com websites.

4. Google Scholar -  search for scholarly articles and preprints.  Set up Google Scholar with the "View it@ UT" button.  See instructions on the UT Libraries Google Scholar guide.



Library guides by UT Librarians containing links to helpful resources for country research:


UT Library Guides

UT LIbraries' Databases

Global Health News

News from Specific Countries

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