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Medical Writing Resources

Medical Writing Resources

"So, why write? Write for a desire to make a small difference in the world, driven by compassion and commitment, bringing something rigorous and valuable to contribute. Write to meet the fiduciary obligations of medicine. Write to give voice to experiences, concerns, or achievements. Write for fulfillment. Write to learn or to promote knowledge, strengthen your skills, and refine your thinking and listening. Write to develop collegial relationships, to be engaged in our wider community. Write to learn. Write to influence. Write to be heard. Write to belong. Write to help others. Write to serve the aims of academic medicine."

Roberts LW, Coverdale J. Why Write? Acad Med. 2020 Feb;95(2):169-171. 


The Medical Writing Resources section was reorganized and updated, with new content created by UT iSchool graduate student Stormie Koerner, in Fall 2020 as part of her Capstone Project.

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