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Dell Medical School Authored Articles from PubMed

The article titles seen here are the 20 most recently indexed articles in PubMed.  To see the full list of Dell Medical School authored PubMed articles, click on the hyperlink "Website" below this list.

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Article of the Week

Each week, a new article is featured to highlight either a Dell Medical School author, a topic of importance to the mission and vision of the Dell Medical School, or to spark debate and/or discussion on the present and future of medical education, practice, or research. 

Find the current article of the week and the archive here.

PubMed Clinical Queries

PubMed Clinical Queries – updated in late 2020, the Clinical Queries page - - is a convenient way to search for clinical research.

Search categories include therapy, diagnosis, etiology, clinical prediction, and prognosis of diseases and disorders. Set the scope to narrow (specific search) or broad (sensitive search)..

Clinical Queries has added a COVID-19 search filter with the following category choices: general, mechanism, transmission, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, case report, and forecasting.

The Medical Genetics search tool has been removed from Clinical Queries, but you can use the Medical Genetics search filters (Diagnosis, Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Description, Management, Genetic Counseling, Molecular Genetics, Genetic Testing, Medical Genetics) in the search strategy you enter in the basic PubMed search box.  For example: sickle cell anemia AND genetic counseling[filter]

The Systematic Reviews filter has also been removed from the Clinical Queries tool.  In order to narrow your Clinical Queries results to systematic reviews, after running the search, use the Article Type filter provided on the left side of the results page.

For more detailed guidance, see PubMed Help -

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