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Medical News

Medical News. April 21, 2020

Making Sense of all the COVID-19 Scholarly Literature

As the published scholarly literature on COVID-19 continues to grow, keeping up-to-date can be quite overwhelming.  I continue to add resources to the Coronavirus page of this website, but you may find the following portals/databases most helpful as they each organize the total collection of articles in a more useful manner.  (These are also listed on the Coronavirus page.):

  1. NIH/NLM. LitCOVID: An index of all PubMed articles on COVID-19, categorized into different research areas.  A search box and search results filters such as publication date, countries mentioned in abstracts, and journal are provided. Updated daily.
  2. NIH. iSearch COVID-10 Portfolio: Index of all PubMed articles and pre-prints from arXIV, medRxiv, bioRxiv, and chemRxiv. A search box, as well as facets for filtering results by publication date, source, journal name, condition, devices, drugs, and author affiliation are provided. Updated daily.
  3. WHO. COVID-19: Global Literature on Coronavirus Disease. Index of global literature gathered from bibliographic databases, hand searching, and addition of expert-referred scientific articles. A search box and search filters such as publication date, clinical aspect, journal, language, type of study, subject are provided.  Updated daily.
  4. EPPI (Evidence for Policy and Practice Information Centre). COVID-19 Living Map of the Evidence: This visual tool maps articles by research topics and search date. Updated weekly.
  5. Norwegian Institute of Public Health. NIPH Systematic and Living Map on COVID-19 Evidence: This visual tool maps articles by research topics, age group, comorbidities, housing status, gender, social and economic status, and COVID-19 status. Updated weekly.

Medical News. March 11, 2020

The New PubMed


In October 2019, the National Library of Medicine rolled out a new PubMed platform that has been in the testing and improvement stage over the course of the last few months.  Meanwhile, patrons can still access the old platform, but are encouraged to start exploring the new PubMed to develop comfort with it before the old platform is phased out.  The phaseout date of the legacy PubMed has not been specified yet. 

If you see a challenge with or an idea about the new platform, feel free to submit your feedback via the Feedback button on the new platform. This feedback is actively being used to inform the design and development process.

Navigate to the new PubMed from the old platform:

Here is the new PubMed homepage:


Guidance for using the new PubMed:

Medical News. January 8, 2020

Medical Student, Resident, and Fellow Publications

Now in its 4th year of existence, it is time for the Dell Medical School to celebrate our medical students and physicians-in-training and their growing collection of published literature!  Lists of their publications with links to the full text articles can be found on this webpage in the box entitled "Dell Medical School Authored Publications."  If a published work is missing from the spreadsheets, do not hesitate to contact the Dell Medical School Health Sciences Librarian - 

As always, you can find the full research profiles with lists of publications of faculty in the Dell Medical School Research Networking System - link also found in the "Dell Medical School Authored Publications" Box.

Article of the Week

Each week, a new article is featured to highlight either a Dell Medical School author, a topic of importance to the mission and vision of the Dell Medical School, or to spark debate and/or discussion on the present and future of medical education, practice, or research. 

Find the current article of the week and the archive here.

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