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General Information about the Database Collection

The Database Collection contains databases for

You will also find medical dictionaries located on the eBooks database page.

Of Note:

If you're not seeing the database that you need in this guide, go to the UT Libraries databases page to access additional databases:

  1. There are over 800 databases, many of them highly specialized.

  2. Each database has a more... link that describes database content, access information, and any special steps required for use.

  3. Always enter a database from this library guide, other UT Library guides, or the UT Libraries databases page, all of which steer you toward entering a database via the proxy link. Thus:

    • Your search will connect the search results to UT Libraries subscribed content.

    • You will see the full range of access options--online, print, interlibrary loan--for search results.

    • You will avoid ever having to pay out of pocket for content.


The Databases section was reorganized and updated, with new content created by UT iSchool graduate student Stormie Koerner, in Fall 2020 as part of her Capstone Project.

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