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Article Databases

Recommended Databases for Finding Biomedical Articles

PubMed Tip: Find it@UT

Create and customize a My NCBI account.
     1) Select My NCBI
     2) Select NCBI Site Preferences
     3) Under PubMed Preferences, select Outside Tool
     4) Select F and scroll down to select Find it@UT
     5) Scroll to the bottom of the page and SAVE
This will cause references to display the Find it at UT link whenever you are logged into your NCBI account.

Recommended Databases for the Social Sciences

Recommended Interdisciplinary Databases

What are Preprints?

A preprint is the version of a research paper prior to peer review, formatting, copy editing, and acceptance by a journal for publication. Preprints are often deposited into preprint servers or online repositories where they are free for anyone to access. Preprints of medical articles may be found in the following preprint servers:

In Web of Science, choose the Preprint Citation Index in the menu of databases.

Choose "Preprint Citation Index" in the Web of Science databases menu


Here are some platforms that not only feature preprints, but also solicit peer review from the global community of peers:

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